Alicia has worked in bridal for quite some time now. She loves empowering her brides and making sure they feel confident and beautiful for their big day! Her funny bubbly personality makes her brides feel like she's just another gal in your group there to help you find the perfect dress!

What kind of music are you currently listening to?

  -"It just depends on my mood. I really love old school R&B and rap. I love the song "Brown Eyed Blues" by Adrian Hood right now."

If you could wear one gown at I Do what would it be and why?

  -"I have to say the Woodrose by Waters. It has fringe... I mean what else do ya need to know."

When you aren't at I Do, what do you enjoy doing in Seattle?

  -"I love spending time with my insane and huge family. Or going to sporting events! Also, eating."

Favorite wedding venue?

  -"Of all time, I would say Wayfarers Chapel. It's just a dream. Talk about not needed to decorate a lot."

Why will your brides like working with you?

  -"I love my brides. My job is support your vision. Ensure that we find you a gown that makes you feel like yourself but a little "extra." I also just want you to have a good time. You are getting married!"


424 N. 85th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

Tuesday - Thursday  11:00-7:00
Friday - Sunday  10:00-5:00
Closed Monday
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