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BAM, it's been 20!

If you are talking with a friend who has been to I Do Bridal, it's likely that you'll hear one of these phrases: "Didn't they used to be in Wallingford?" "My friend got her dress there!" & "You should ask to work with Bridget!" Bridget, (or Bam, as her fellow bridal stylists like to call her) has been with the company for 20 years this week. She was I Do Bridal's first ever employee along with our owner, Robin. From a little shop in Wallingford, to our newly expanded location in Greenwood, she's been slangin' dresses and running a one woman comedy show for not only her brides, but our team as well 6 days a week! Bridget is humble, caring, and to call her hardworking is an absolute understat

Sheer Perfection!

Looking for your own bridal gown can be a surreal experience. Now, more than ever, there are so many different trends and styles to choose from and the options are endless. Over a hundred years ago, brides had very few styles to choose from because traditionally, a bride would wear a gown varnished in various lace ruffles and layers of fabric and most gowns looked so similar to each other. Fashion trends over the decades since the 1900's have increasingly changed. Necklines are getting lower, sleeves are getting shorter (or more transparent), and silhouettes are getting more fitted. Women are starting to show more of their bodies in beautiful and tasteful ways for their big day. A new trend


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