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The Benefits of Hiring the Right Photographer!

Pictures suspend the best memories in time. Your wedding photographer is one of the most important investments you can make while wedding planning because the person you hire becomes a huge part of your story. Hiring the right photographer is so important because each one has a different style and flare. Choose a photographer who you and your partner enjoy being around and who gets your style. I was so moved to see that some of our brides built such a great relationship with their photographers that last beyond the engagement and wedding to other personal milestones. We asked you for your stories with your photographers and you really delivered! Here are some of our favorites: Justine and he

Emily's Romantic DIY Wedding

For Emily and James, "it wasn't love, but friendship at first sight." The couple met in high school and share a spring formal dance photo, but their love story started years later at their 10-year reunion and the rest is history! After recollecting on all their favorite memories from math class, the spring formal, and laughing about how annoying James was during the grad night party, they knew that they were the right people in the right place at the right time. Photographer: Andrew Thill Emily and James planned their wedding with the sole intention of giving their guests the best experience possible because they knew that their story wouldn't be possible without the love and support from th

Jessica's Intimate Surprise Wedding

You don't expect to meet your soulmate in high school at 17, but that's exactly what happened to Jessica. She took a chance and asked Brandon on a date thinking he wouldn't accept, but he did! 7 amazing years later, he proposed. "I knew he was going to propose because we had talked about it, but I didn't know when..." After months and months of talking about the wedding and discussing different ideas, Jessica and Brandon decided to go for the wedding of their dreams to reflect just how extraordinary their love is! Photographer: Chris Lambeth Brandon asked Jessica if he could take the reins and plan the whole wedding in secret to surprise her the day of the wedding! She knew she could trust h


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