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Take This Quiz to Determine Your Silhouette!

So, you’re looking online at wedding gowns to prepare for your appointment, but you’re not sure which silhouette you will like or what will go with your wedding? Well, I’ve created a quiz to help you find the perfect silhouette for you! Take this quiz and keep track of your answers to find out! Base your answers off of your wedding vision and see which silhouette you should definitely be tryin during your appointment at I Do Bridal. Quiz! 1. Your ideal vacation is A) Lounging on a tropical beach B) Visiting New York City C) Wine tasting in Paris D) Relaxing in a cabin in the woods 2. You would describe your wedding as… A) Classic or Romantic B) Rustic or Boho C) Modern or Vintage D) Whimsica

A Few Ways to Accessorize Your Look!

Ordered your wedding gown? Congratulations! The fun’s not over! There is still a lot of fun shopping for you to do to complete your wedding day look! Accessories are the perfect way to customize and finalize your vision. If you’re not sure how to accessorize for your wedding, ask a stylist! We have put together a couple combinations to show you how you can choose complimenting pieces for your big day! The accessories that we are going to show you are Be Aire accessories. I Do Bridal has carried Bel Aire accessories for many years. Bel Aire accessories have a diverse selection of headpieces, earrings, and veils to really fine-tune your look to complement your personal style. Having a romantic

How to Prepare for Your Future Bridal Appointment

Congratulations on your engagement! When it comes to starting your wedding planning, the possibilities are endless and the vision comes alive as you start to check things off your to-do list. At the beginning of your planning, it’s time to start dress shopping! The best place to start your dress search is on the internet right from home! Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are essential to starting your gown search. Looking online and pinning gowns on Pinterest is the perfect starting point. There are no rules, just save pictures of anything you like! And guess what! I Do Bridal has pictures of ALL of their gowns on Pinterest, so go check us out! Be sure to bring the pictures of the gowns you


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