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Sheer Perfection!


Looking for your own bridal gown can be a surreal experience. Now, more than ever, there are so many different trends and styles to choose from and the options are endless. Over a hundred years ago, brides had very few styles to choose from because traditionally, a bride would wear a gown varnished in various lace ruffles and layers of fabric and most gowns looked so similar to each other.

Fashion trends over the decades since the 1900's have increasingly changed. Necklines are getting lower, sleeves are getting shorter (or more transparent), and silhouettes are getting more fitted. Women are starting to show more of their bodies in beautiful and tasteful ways for their big day. A new trend is emerging in the wedding gown world and brides are SO excited about it! Designers are creating gowns that have less fabric and transparent elements to create a more ethereal and whimsical look.

An influx of brides are gravitating toward gowns with sheer features that present

their bodies in a graceful manner that won't make them feel awkward in front of their friends and family. This sheer trend is so different and new, so it's normal for some brides to be nervous about the notion of wearing a see-through gown to their wedding. However, there's nothing to be afraid of because sheer doesn't necessarily mean lingerie. There are plenty of ways see-through can be tastefully done. You can really be as traditional or non-traditional as you want. This L'Amour gown is a perfect example of a more non-traditional look complete with a sheer lace bodice and plunging neckline and a sheer aline skirt with a front leg slit. As you can see, she is still covered in all the places you would expect to be covered, but you can see the faint outline of her leg through the skirt and the tone of her skin through the bodice creating a semi-sexy, yet ethereal ambiance perfect for any rustic chic wedding.

Not every bride wants a fully transparent gown and there are so many ways to

incorporate the sheer trend, but in a more traditional sense. Illusions are more popular among the bridal community. There is something enticing about being able to see through lace to the bride's back is so beautiful and adds a delicate quality to the gown. If your wedding is more traditional, but you love the idea of this trend, then choosing a gown with an illusion is a wonderful option. More and more designers are reaching outside the box and using illusions to really create a truly unique and interesting look. However, not every illusion is as modest as this gorgeous Stella York gown that buttons all the way up the back.

Some illusions are a little more promiscuous than others. If you're not very

traditional and really want to show off your body, there are definitely some options that fit the occasion. This L'Amour gown is modern and sexy in all the ways that you want it to be. The soft and delicate details add an element of whimsy that would be perfect on a beach or in a wooded area, etc. The double leg slit in a full tulle skirt showing through to a mini skirt with beaded lace appliqués is so fitting for a romantic off-beat wedding. The thin spaghetti strap reflects the sheer beaded bodice. This gown is a little more exposing than most gowns. The neckline plunges to the waist with a nude mesh, but still provides enough coverage for the bust. If that is a little much for you, some designers offer options to add a lining to make the bodice opaque, or a seamstress can sew in a lining wherever you want it to be lined. Just ask your stylist.

This Justin Alexander gown is the perfect example of a modern take on a sexy and sophisticated look for your big day! The illusion extends from the top of the hips in the back reaching over the shoulders and then down both sides in the front to contour your curves showing off your waist in relation to your hips. If you want a more trendy and daring look, this is a great way to go to deliver drama.

Whether you want a big traditional wedding, or an intimate casual wedding, you can still be a part of one of this season's hottest trends.

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katherine Hepburn


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