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The Art of Narrowing Down

Do you or someone you know have five or more favorite gowns and just can't choose? I get it. I've seen it a time or two (million). Of course you can't choose between them! These are the gowns that have made it to the top! They are all beautiful! BUT you can only have one..... Let me share some tips to help narrow down to make the decision MUCH easier.


Make a list of everything you HAVE TO HAVE on your wedding dress. Does it HAVE to have straps? Does it HAVE to have lace? Does it HAVE to have a plunging neckline? Does it HAVE to be in your budget? Recognizing your must-haves allows you to separate the features you need from the features that are just nice to have.

I promise you can. I know you love them all, but they are all different, which means that there is one or two that you love MORE than the others even if it is just by a smidge. If you already made a checklist and evaluated each gown, ranking them should be easy. The top favorites will be the ones that check all your boxes! There should be at least one or two gowns that you love more than the others. If you love three or more gowns the exact same, then at this point you really can't make a wrong decision!

It's time to kick out each gown that is not in the top two (or top three, if you reeeeally have to). At this point, kicking out gowns should be easy because whatever you feel about the gowns that aren't your first or second favorite really doesn't matter because you like your top two better! There's no point in holding on to a gown that you don't like as much as other gowns! You're not going to buy your third favorite gown, right? You're going to buy your first favorite!

I'm serious. Trust your gut because your gut will not steer you wrong, but your head will talk you in and out of anything. That's what makes this process so confusing! Even if you can't figure out why you like a gown more than the others, the fact is that you like it better! It doesn't matter why! (That's your gut, say hello!)



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