How to Prepare for Your Future Bridal Appointment

Congratulations on your engagement! When it comes to starting your wedding planning, the possibilities are endless and the vision comes alive as you start to check things off your to-do list. At the beginning of your planning, it’s time to start dress shopping! The best place to start your dress search is on the internet right from home!

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are essential to starting your gown search. Looking online and pinning gowns on Pinterest is the perfect starting point. There are no rules, just save pictures of anything you like! And guess what! I Do Bridal has pictures of ALL of their gowns on Pinterest, so go check us out! Be sure to bring the pictures of the gowns you would like to try on to your gown appointment to show your stylist. Or you can send us the link to your Pinterest page for your stylist to browse through before you come in!

Be prepared for anything. You may end up loving something completely different than what you are expecting, but don’t let that hold you back! The goal is to find what you love, not to force yourself to love something because that’s what you pictured. Your vision may change, but that’s normal.

Try a gown that is a silhouette you are not expecting to like. You will either confirm that you don’t like it, or you will find out that you do! If you end up liking two different silhouettes, don’t worry! Just trust your gut and pick the one that makes you more excited. Keep in mind, you love them both so you can’t make a wrong decision.

Dress shopping is one of the best parts of wedding planning. Trying on the perfect gown with the perfect accessories is when everything will suddenly feel so real. Be sure to invite those who you want to be involved. You can also take advantage of technology like FaceTime to include those who are long distance.

So, head over to Pinterest to start your dress search with us! We are so excited to see you!




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