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Take This Quiz to Determine Your Silhouette!

So, you’re looking online at wedding gowns to prepare for your appointment, but you’re not sure which silhouette you will like or what will go with your wedding? Well, I’ve created a quiz to help you find the perfect silhouette for you!

Take this quiz and keep track of your answers to find out! Base your answers off of your wedding vision and see which silhouette you should definitely be tryin during your appointment at I Do Bridal.


1. Your ideal vacation is

A) Lounging on a tropical beach

B) Visiting New York City

C) Wine tasting in Paris

D) Relaxing in a cabin in the woods

2. You would describe your wedding as…

A) Classic or Romantic

B) Rustic or Boho

C) Modern or Vintage

D) Whimsical or Laid-back

3. Your wedding venue is

A) A family member’s beautiful property

B) A chic barn away from the city

C) In a romantic garden or in the woods

D) On a beautiful beach

4. Your wedding will be during what time of day

A) Morning with a brunch reception

B) Afternoon with lawn games and barbecue

C) Evening with dinner reception

D) Short and sweet with cocktails and appetizers

5. How will you decorate?

A) Lots of flowers and greenery

B) Touches of lace with succulents

C) Natural elements and candles

D) Flowers and bling

6. My wedding cake will be…

A) Red velvet

B) Chocolate with fresh fruit

C) Cupcakes stacked in a pyramid

D) Marble cake

7. On your day off, you like to…

A) Go wine tasting at a local winery

B) Stay home and relax

C) Go to the beach

D) Go hiking

8. What is your favorite “date night” activity?

A) Dinner at a restaurant downtown

B) Cocktails at a favorite bar

C) Picnic in the park

D) On a small road trip


Mostly As: If you chose mostly A answers, you should definitely consider trying on a mermaid gown! If you tend to like sleek and elegant, try on a crepe or satin one. Fitted gowns will highlight your hourglass figure!

Mostly Bs: If you chose mostly B answers, try an Aline gown! This silhouette will really show off your waist!

Mostly Cs: If you chose mostly C answers, you have to try on a slim Aline gown. Slim Alines are fitted at your waist, then very flowy in the skirt. This silhouette is very slimming and perfect for a relaxed, yet elegant look!

Mostly Ds: If you chose mostly D answers, you should try a ballgown. It is way different than what you were picturing, but deep down you really want to try one because when else will you be able to wear one?


Check us out on Pinterest and Instagram! We can’t wait to see you at your appointment!


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