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Ways to Wear Your Veil!

We asked what you wanted to see on the blog and a few of you asked about veils! Girl, there are so many ways you can wear your veil. Placement of the veil is everything and it all comes down to preference.

Veils can be incorporated into any hair style, whether you want your hair in a high bun, a loose side braid, or down and wavy. You can totally keep your personal style...just add a veil!

The placement of the veil in your hair changes the overall look. There’s no wrong way to wear the veil, but you have to choose the right placement for the look you want.

Here are a couple examples of different ways to wear your veil from our past brides!

Now, the next step is finding the perfect veil (if you haven’t already) and choosing the hairstyle for your wedding! While we are socially distanced, Pinterest and Instagram are great places to browse different hair and veil ideas. We look forward to seeing you and working with you soon to find the perfect veil, headpiece, jewelry, and wedding gown!



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