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Eloping Might Be Right For You! It Certainly Was For Jordan and Jamie!

You've probably had moments in your wedding planning where you look your partner in the eye and semi-jokingly say, "Let's just elope." It's more or less just a way to express how over wedding planning you are, but in the recent weeks....eloping has been an increasingly more realistic option.

Take our bride Jordan and her fiance Jamie, for example. They have been planning a gorgeous April wedding for over a year now and all of their plans have been put to a halt because it's just not safe right now.

Upset and discouraged, they have decided to postpone their wedding with all their friends and family (most of which are many miles away) until August. The extra time has admittedly helped in the planning aspect, but they have already waited long enough! More and more couples are looking at each other and saying, "Let's just do it. I want to marry you now!"

Jordan and Jamie tied the knot on April 20th with their two sons and a couple of their closest friends on a beautiful misty mountain top. The two lovebirds tipped their glasses to celebrate their love together with their boys and are preparing for a much larger celebration in August.

Congratulations, Jordan and Jamie! We are so excited and happy for you! What a burst of sunshine during such a dark time. We can't wait to see the pictures of your wedding in August!

Eloping is a great option to consider right now while everything in the world is so uncertain! You can marry your favorite person now and celebrate together AND keep planning your big wedding where you can celebrate with all your friends and family. Most people will sign their marriage papers before their wedding, so why wait any longer?

If you're reluctant to consider eloping before your big wedding, I totally get it. It wasn't in the plans and it means another thing to think about and it's just one more way that Covid-19 is messing everything up. But look at it this way....eloping now and having your big wedding later might actually be exactly the right answer. It will take away a lot of the wedding planning stress and it's a way to find ultimate happiness right now.

Eloping may not be the answer for every couple, but it's certainly been a saving grace for those who have.



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