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Libby and Nick's Fairy Tale Wedding!

Get your tissues ready before you read this beautiful real life love story about our bride, Libby, and her husband, Nick. She wore an ivory Rebecca Ingram gown with a blush underlay and vintage rose accents that perfectly match her dreamy wedding. She looks absolutely stunning and her wedding was just breathtaking. Libby sent us her pictures along with the following story:

"I think my favorite part of our story (aside from our perfect wedding that we managed to pull off in the last seconds before COVID shut everything down). My husband, Nick, and I really enjoy the outdoors and going on various adventures. Before we met, Nick had gone camping a couple times whereas I went every summer with my family growing up. When Nick and I first started dating, I really enjoyed getting to show him the ropes of tent camping and, over the years, we got it down to a science.

"In September of 2018, we headed out on another camping trip to Grayland, WA (a site we had to book at the beginning of the year). I worked that morning so we didn't leave the house on time and when we got to our campsite, it was dark out and a huge wind/rain storm had just rolled in. It wasn't the first time we had been camping in bad weather so we knew what to do, but Nick kept checking his cell phone which was so unlike him. I ignored it and we got our canopy up then went to work on pitching the rest of our infrastructure. We had the idea to get a large tarp to provide extra coverage for weather coverage/sun shading and Nick picked one up that morning while I was at work. What we didn't realize is that he had purchased a MASSIVE tarp, 20 feet by 40 feet!! We unrolled it to try to hang it between some trees and it became airborne, like a massive parachute. We chased that around the camp in the dark and the rain, caught it, and decided we weren't going to use it. I pulled the tent out of our car to assemble and Nick was on his phone again! I asked if everything was okay and he said "maybe we should just go get a hotel room". I was so frustrated. This wasn't the first time we had been camping in bad weather, we always managed to get our camp assembled and have a blast, why was he wanting to get a hotel?!

"We pushed on, after I vehemently denied the hotel option and we got our tent together. We barbecued some brats in the pouring rain for diner and then cuddled up in our tent with drinks and a deck of cards so we could play our favorite game - rummy. We slept great, woke up the next day, showered, and had a lazy morning amidst the rain. Mid-afternoon, Nick asked me if I was ready to go for a walk on the beach once the rain had let up, I was more than ready. We made some drinks and took the little trail down to the beach. We trekked through the sand and were both captivated by the ocean that came into view. Nick was walking behind me and I noticed he had gotten down on the ground. For MONTHS at this point, Nick had a habit of messing with me by bending down (as if he were to propose) and then tying his shoe or showing me a rock that he found. I assumed this was another one of those fake-outs, but this time, he reached into his pocket, which was new. He pulled out a GORGEOUS ring (that I would later find out he designed himself), and said a bunch of sweet words that I didn't even hear because I was freaking out about what was happening. He proposed and I screamed YES! The rest of the beach-goers paid us little mind and we had a very special, intimate moment filled with happy tears as the dark clouds blew off and the sunshine came in (literally!).

"From the beach, we both called our parents who were ecstatic. That's when I found out that all that time Nick was on his phone the previous night was him attempting to tell our parents NOT to congratulate or ask any questions because his original plan of proposing on our first night at the beach had been foiled by bad weather. We got back to camp and MY PARENTS WERE THERE. They came from Gig Harbor with champagne, snacks, and flowers. We were able to sit and talk for quite awhile and then we went into town where Nick had booked a beautiful upscale restaurant so he and I could have dinner with my parents and Nick's parents met us there all the way from Lakewood. We talked, laughed, and dreamed about all that was to come in our lives.

"It was the perfect day and the perfect proposal, to my perfect man. I found out later that Nick had planned all this over the course of the past 8 months. He designed the ring with a jeweler in Bellevue and had made many secret trips up there to collaborate. He went down to my parents house with some very nice gin to ask my dad's blessing for our engagement. He had been coordinating with both our parents for how to make sure everything was perfect down to the last detail.

"Nick has always made me feel so loved and puts so much effort into the details. He is my soulmate. We share the same thoughts, we have similar struggles, and we both know how best to support the other. Our relationship has always been the thing I am most proud of in my life. Our fantastic engagement led up to a perfect wedding at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, and we are living our happily ever after. Because of the pandemic, our Honeymoon plans to Ireland were derailed. As was our thrown together second attempt at a Honeymoon in Hawaii. Now we have two fun trips to look forward too. Nick and I have weathered many a storm together, and we know there will always be more, but we also know that, eventually, our love always brings out the sunshine."

Our amazing vendors were as follows:

Venue - Washington State History Museum

Caterer - Snuffin's

Photographer - Levi Hriczo

Dress and Veil - I Do Bridal (thank you!)

Dress Alterations - Lemon Thread Customs

Flowers - Metropolitan Market (Proctor)

Desserts - Corina Bakery

DJ - Dapper DJs

Day of Coordinator - Lauren Royster at Flying Anchor Event Design Suits and Groomsmen Attire - Men's Wearhouse

Bridal Party Attire - Birdy Grey

Pipe & Drape, Chairs, Alexander Party Rental

Wedding Bands - Ken Walker Jewelers

Congratulations to Libby and Nick from the whole I Do Bridal team! Your wedding was a dream and thank you so much for sharing your story with us!



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