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10 Questions to Ask Your Florist!

Photographer: Breanna Marie Photography | Florist: Jessica Van Campbell Flowers

Knowing what to ask is critical in choosing the right vendor for you. I personally have a black thumb and knew NOTHING about flowers, so thinking of questions to ask a florist was very difficult because all I knew to ask was, "Can you do the flowers for my wedding?"

Fortunately, I have learned a lot! This list will help prepare you to talk to different florists and choose the right one for your wedding. You could print out this post and put it in your wedding binder so you can bring it with you and write down the answers and compare!

  • What flowers are in season during my wedding?

  • I was hoping for a specific flower, can you provide it? | If not, what do you recommend as a backup?

  • What flowers would you recommend for my color palette?

  • Do you use flower foam?

  • Do you provide any vases or decoration?

  • Are there pictures or live examples of arrangements that you could show me?

  • Are these flowers in my budget?

  • Are you responsible for set up and tear down? Is that an extra cost?

  • How many years of experience do you have in providing flowers for weddings?

  • I want to wear a live flower crown or have live flowers in my hair/on my cake. Are you able to create that for me?


Photographer: Levi Hriczo | Flowers: Metropolitan Market (Proctor)

Photographer: Stefan and Audrey | Florist: Petal and Vine (Molly Thonssen)



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