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How to Describe Your Vision!

Shopping for a wedding gown is daunting whether you've been dreaming of your wedding for years, or haven't been thinking about it at all. When someone asks what you're looking for gown-wise, it's normal to come up blank. Sound familiar? So many brides get nervous that they won't be able to get their ideas across, but don't worry at all. Our stylists are professionals and they will work with you to make your vision a reality. It can be difficult to find the words to best describe the image in your head, but don't worry, we have a couple tips to help ease the process!

Photographer: Erin Perkins

Big Picture

Telling your stylist the overall vibe of your wedding is the best place to start. Give them a sense of the ambiance and style you're looking to achieve and that will help them get a sense of the perfect gown to fit your vision. Stick to key words like romantic, modern, vintage, boho, soft, industrial, etc. Honestly, any words that describe the feel of your vision will work even if they seem to contradict! Your stylist will be able to connect your general description words to different fabrics and details.

Photographer: Chloe Oloren

Gown Shapes

Knowing what the difference between silhouettes will help considerably when trying to put your vision to words, but it's not required! Each silhouette will show off your body in different ways. If you want to show off your booty, then a fitted gown like a sheath, mermaid, or fit and flare would be perfect! If you want to keep focus on your waist, then something looser in the skirt like a ballgown, a-line, or slim a-line would be just right. If you don't know the name of the silhouette you have pictured in your mind, show a couple pictures from your Pinterest board!

Photographer: Memories by Lindsay

Colors and Details

Tell your stylist all the colors associated with your wedding! Your color palette sets the tone of your wedding, so telling your stylist any colors you are going to use, or any color palettes you are considering will really help your stylist understand your style and vibe. Also tell your stylist any details you like: buttons down the train, flower crown, beaded bodice, spaghetti straps, long lace sleeves, simple satin, crepe, etc. Now that you have explained the overall look of your wedding, the gown shape, and the colors and details, you're almost there!

Photographer: Chloe Oloren

Pictures for Reference

Now show your stylist any reference pictures because pictures can never hurt. Your Pinterest board is very helpful tool even if it only has a couple gowns and mostly pictures of table settings. Even though you've already described your vision, showing pictures as a reference point will give your stylist a clear example.



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