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Alterations Q & A!

Most of the questions that brides will have about their gowns are mostly questions about alterations. Bonnie from Lemonthread Custom was generous enough to come answer some common questions that our brides have! Please note that the following answers only apply to Bonnie at Lemonthread Custom. Answers may vary depending on gown and seamstress.


Common Questions that Brides Ask About Alterations

When Should I Book My Appointment? You should book your appointment as soon as you purchase your gown and have a wedding date. Even if your wedding is over a year away, do your research and book your first appointment right away. Most seamstresses will book your first appointment for 8 weeks before your wedding. Many seamstresses are booking up VERY quick, so you don't want to wait.

How Much Should I Budget For Alterations? The price of alterations varies quite a bit depending on your seamstress and your dress. Bonnie suggested to budget for your alterations to be at least $500. It could be more and it could be less. If your gown fits really well and doesn't have a ton of detail and you need minor alterations, you will be looking somewhere around $500 or less. If your gown needs more extensive alterations and has a lot of lace or beadwork, you will be seeing higher prices. Bonnie did say that in some cases, alterations can go up to $1500 if it requires more extensive alterations. Ask your seamstress what kind of alterations your gown needs. If your alterations are more expensive that you were planning, keep in mind that it is worth it to get the exact look that you want. Also ask your seamstress about alternative alterations options that will be less expensive.

What Factors into the Cost of Alterations? That's a good question. The more that needs to be done, the higher the cost. Some things that add to the cost are very wide hems, lace edged hems, skirts with a lot of layers, beadwork, lace appliqués, design changes like adding or removing elements or shortening/removing the train, etc. The alterations that cost more are still very doable, they just require more time and work.

Can Sleeves Be Added My Gown? Yes. However, it is much easier to add a sleeve to a gown that already has a supportive strap. An off-the-shoulder sleeve can be added to a gown with a spaghetti strap or a strapless gown.

What Should I Bring to My Appointment? Definitely bring your undergarments and wedding shoes to your appointment. If you don't have the actual shoes that you will be wearing for your wedding, bring shoes that have the exact same heel height. Even flats vary in height.


What to Put in Your Day-Of Kit

Bonnie came in with a little kit of items that she recommends that brides have on their wedding day!

  • Hairspray to fix any flyaways, but also to use as a stain remover! Hairspray is an aerosol alcohol that can be used to get out some minor stains!

  • Friction Guard to help with any areas that may chafe or rub against fabric or rough beadwork. You can also use Friction guard under beaded straps and along your neckline to reduce any redness.

  • Flash Tape to make sure your neckline stays flush to your skin, to keep straps on your shoulder, or to help bridesmaids and groomsmen with their outfits.

  • Bobby pins and Safety pins as a quick fix for any hair or garment mishap!

  • Crochet hook to help with buttons. Always start from the bottom and work your way up, but sometimes buttons can be a little difficult if you have a lot of buttons, so a crochet hook will help.

  • Thread spools and needles just in case. You will want to bring one spool of thread that is a white or ivory color to match your gown, and a spool of thread that is black or blue to match what the groom/groomsmen are wearing.

  • Scissors just in case you find a loose thread on your gown. If your gown has beadwork, DO NOT pull a loose thread because you could potentially pull off a large area of beadwork, but if you trim the thread down, it will likely be just fine.

  • Tide pen for any unexpected stains.

  • Dry shampoo for you and your bridesmaids! Dry shampoo is a really great quick fix to make you and your bridesmaids look and feel amazing!

  • Feminine products like pads and tampons. It would be unfortunate to need one and not have one. That goes for everyone in the bridal party.

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to Bonnie from Lemonthread Custom for answering common questions that brides have about alterations. If you have any questions about alterations that are not answered above, feel free to email us at!



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