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Bridal Sizing and Alterations!

It's well known that bridal sizing is WAY different than what we are used to in our normal lives. Why? I don't know, but we are here to navigate you through it! Your bridal stylist will be able to answer any questions you have about alterations and sizing, but keep reading for more information and helpful tips!

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What to expect:

  • The dress you order will probably be a size that you're not used to seeing or wearing. Most people order their wedding gown in a size that is 1-3 sizes above what they normally wear. Each designer has a different size chart, so you may be one size in one dress and another size in a different dress!

  • It's normal to measure into 2 or 3 different sizes throughout your body. Everyone's body is different and we are all constantly changing and fluctuating. How do you pick the right size? We will take your measurements and help guide you through the size chart for the gown you love! Our goal is to show you the sizes that will require the least amount of alterations possible.

  • You will need alterations. Even if the gown is a perfect fit and the correct length, you will still need a bustle added to the train. Standard alterations often include fitting the gown throughout the bodice and skirt, straps (if you have them) to be adjusted, a hem, and a bustle. If you have questions about the alterations that your gown will need, ask your stylist! We are here to help!

Helpful Tips:

  • Bring a bra with an underwire to your appointment. You may not be trying on the gowns with the bra and you may not wear a bra for your wedding, but having a bra with an underwire will help your stylist get the most accurate measurement for your bust.

  • Don't let the size number get to you. It may be a shock to see a number that you're not used to seeing, but a number is just a number and it means nothing! We just want to get you the gown that will be the correct fit.

  • Budgeting your alterations can be tough because it all depends on the dress, what needs to be done, and where you go. Some places start around $500 and go up from there and some will start around $1000 and go up from there. Talk to your bridal stylist about what kinds of alterations you should be expecting so you can find the right seamstress for you!

  • Book your alterations appointment when you order your gown -- DO NOT wait until your gown arrives to book your appointment. Most seamstresses book up well in advance and are currently working with 3 times the number of clients than normal. Not only is 2022 the biggest wedding year, but seamstresses are also working with clients that had to reschedule their weddings over the past couple years due to the Pandemic. We want you to have the option to choose the seamstress that you want to work on your gown.



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