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Bridal Sizing: True or False

"I usually wear a size 10, so my wedding gown will be a size 10."


Bridal sizing is way different than normal life sizing. Usually, a bride will measure 1-3 sizes above what they normally wear. Your stylist will navigate you through the sizing process, so don't stress over it!

"I'm planning on losing weight, so I should order a size or two down to avoid alterations."


Gowns are made to be altered. The best course of action would be to order what fits you now and then have it altered later. There is no way to really know or estimate what size you WILL be, so it's always best to go with what you measure into now!

"If I'm this size in a-lines or ballgowns, I could be a different size in mermaid gowns."


Sizing is all based on bust, waist, and hip measurements. If you're getting a fitted gown, you will have to take all measurements into account when deciding which size to go with.

"Altering down the gown will change the way it looks."


Depending on the gown, seamstresses can take a gown down two to three sizes (about 4 - 6 inches) without getting into the construction of the gown. Normally, brides will only need their gowns taken in 3 inches or less. It all depends on the dress and where you fall on the size chart!

"If it comes in and is a little too tight, there's nothing that can be done."


Most gowns will have some seam allowance along the side seams in case your seamstress needs to let it out a little. The gowns that have seam allowance will usually only have 2-2.5 inches of leeway maximum. Remember, you can always take fabric away, but you can't always add fabric. If your gown feels uncomfortably tight, talk to your seamstress! *Some gowns may not have any seam allowance.

"I'm planning on losing weight, so I want to wait to order my gown."


You want to be careful about waiting until you hit your goal weight to order your gown because you don't want to be stuck in a situation where you no longer have time to order your gown for your wedding. Order times push out each week; sometimes it pushes out a week and sometimes it pushes out a whole month. If you order what fits you now, you can always have it altered down when it comes in.

"If I order the gown in my size, I won't need any alterations."


Sizing is always based on your bust, waist, and hip measurements. Most brides will be different sizes throughout her body. To ensure the perfect fit, you will order a size that will fit as close as possible and then have it altered to you.

"Since you're taking my measurements, the gown will fit me perfectly."


Your measurements help us navigate where you fall on the size chart. You will be choosing a size that will be the closest fit and then have the gown altered!



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