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Choosing a Gown to Accentuate Your Fav Features!

Many blogs will tell you all about choosing a gown for your body type, which definitely is part of finding the perfect gown, but you should also choose a gown that accentuates and highlights your favorite things about your body.

Before you start shopping for wedding gowns, make a list (write it down, or keep a mental list) of all your favorite parts of your body and what you want to highlight on your wedding day. Do you love your shoulders and collarbones? Do you love your chest? Your waist? Or your booty? Choose a gown that will highlight your favorite features to really feel like an elevated version of you on your wedding day.

Gowns that accentuate your chest

Gowns that accent your waist

Gowns that accentuate your booty

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples of necklines and silhouettes that will accentuate different features of your body. Let your stylist know what you want to emphasize and what you want to de-emphasize and they will bring you all sorts of options!

Take a look at Maggie Sottero's blog post about silhouettes for your body type as a starting point!



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