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Maggie Sottero Gowns with Corsets!

"Corsetry has been around for centuries, but corset wedding dresses continue to make a stunning statement in the bridalsphere! With edgy aesthetics like cottagecore, regency-core, and gothic-chic trending on social media, brides are seeking out this flattering silhouette for a fresh and glamorous update on formalwear."

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Dresses that can be ordered with a corset back:

  1. Byron by Maggie Sottero

  2. Walker by Sottero and Midgley

  3. Georgia by Rebecca Ingram

  4. Toccara by Maggie Sottero

  5. Ezra by Sottero and Midgley

  6. Hattie by Rebecca Ingram

  7. Blaire by Sottero and Midgley

  8. Ripley by Sottero and Midgley

Pictured: Hattie by Rebecca Ingram -- available at I Do Bridal



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