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The Best Wedding Foods!

You spend all your time thinking of all the ways to keep your wedding guests happy. With all the different diets, food allergies, and picky eaters in the world, there are some sure and easy ways to keep all your guests happy with the food you serve.

Here are some of our favorites!

Pizza is a great option for your wedding day! Great for cocktail hour as a snack or serve it with a few great sides for a unique wedding dinner!

A ton of couples are choosing to have a food truck to help feed their hungry guests. It's fun and cute with a casual flare. Get your photographer for a private newlywed photo op!

Taco bars are very popular for a reason! Yes, tacos are delicious, but they are also so easy to assemble. Get your guests in a buffet line and watch them get creative with their tacos!

Mini sliders! Bite-size burgers are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. They are yummy and filling and have many different topping options! Get playful with sides, dips, and toppings for a full and fun dining experience.

Brunch bars are perfect for early day weddings. You can include coffee cakes, mini waffles, donuts, and quiche.... don't forget to have fun with a coffee bar, mimosa bar, or bloody Mary bar! You can really get creative with this and your guests will love it!

Pasta is always a crowd-pleaser. It's simple and delicious! You could make it a formal seated dinner or make it more relaxed with a pasta bar! The options are endless!

Of course you can't forget this PNW staple -- Salmon! Make it the main dish or a delicious side or snack! This is a classic wedding dish for a reason!

Need a fun easy snack for your cocktail hour? Popcorn! Give your guests a variety of salts and seasonings to spice it up! Bonus: popcorn is easy to clean up!

Top off your perfect day with a frozen sweet treat! Serve your guests ice cream in a champagne coupe glass with whipped cream, toppings, and syrup!

Shake it up with a cake substitute! Mini pies add a cute personal touch and really works with any classic or rustic style wedding!



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