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What to Expect When Ordering a Wedding Gown!

Newly engaged? That's so exciting!! I bet you're so excited to start looking at flowers, rings, and wedding gowns, and everything. You will want to start your planning about a year before your wedding. Start with your venue, then you should dress shop and order your gown. Yeah, you read that right...start dress shopping a full year before your wedding! Why? Let me tell you...

Ordering your gown: 6-9 months!

Before the pandemic, you would only need 4-6 months for order and alterations, but things are a little different now. With the supply chain issues around the globe, so many goods (including wedding gowns) are taking longer to make, then add in longer shipping times and that makes it 6-9 months just for ordering! If you start shopping a year in advance, you will have plenty of time for ordering AND alterations. Go into your gown appointment prepared mentally and financially to find your gown!

Alterations: 3 months!

Every bride will need alterations. Seamstresses right now are working with 3 times the number of clients than usual! Instead of requesting 8 weeks for alterations, most are requesting 12-14 weeks! That's about 3 months (or more)! If your gown is taking 6-7 months to come, then you're almost at a full year already! Still need a seamstress? Check out our seamstress recommendations!

Have a shorter timeline?

That's okay! You can take home any gown that we have in our collection same-day and there are so many benefits to that. When you take home the gown that you try on during your appointment, you can start your alterations right away! Taking home a gown from our collection doesn't necessarily mean you will need more alterations than if you order -- instead, you will know what to expect for alterations! Our stylists are here to help you find the perfect gown that will need the least amount of alterations.



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