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Susan's Big Day

Ok, so we get amazing brides every single day. But anyone who can rock a red lip and a leather jacket, takes a special place in my heart. Our beautiful bride Susan and her hubby Jake just had some amazing moments on their big day. We knew when we first met her that her vision for her big day was going to be epic. She had this congenial personality about her. So thank you Susan! We are honored to be a part of your big day!

Susan is an AMAZING Singer by the way! She has a Nora Jones type of voice that cuts into your heart. Her ability to touch someone in their deepest vulnerable spots is such a raw talent that we can't stop listening to. If you have time you should check out her instagram page at susangmusic! She has an incredible voice that we have been obsessing over! You can also learn more about Susans music career at her website HERE!

Now lets talk about her photographer for a second. Caitlyn Nikula is one of my personal favorites! She has an undeniable passion for what she does. Every time she captures one of our brides we fall back in love with her work. To get more of her info, and see her incredible work contact her below.

Contact her here:

(You can also click any of the photos to be redirected to her site!)

Congrats again Susan! You guys look like an amazing couple and we wish you nothing but the best!

<3 IDB


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