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Real Love Stories From Real Brides!

Last week, we asked you to send us your love stories and there were so many amazing ones! All the stories submitted had us crying because they are so cute and we wish we could post all of them! Here are some of our favorites:


"Isaac and I met the first weekend of college at a school event and we immediately clicked. Turned out that we both lived in the same dorm, and went to the dorm mixer the following night. I arrived 1/2 hour early to make sure I could request a bunch of songs to dance to with him, among one of those songs was Shut Up and Dance. The song finally came on and as it was approaching the last chorus, I reached out to Isaac and told him to "dance with me" along with the song. Fast forward 2 1/2 years, we danced to the same song in our living room while our two fur babies ran around us, and while I was twirling and my back was towards him, Isaac had gotten the ring on and onto his knees as the song ended. So I guess we're stuck dancing with each other for life nice!" Submitted by @tiskaren


"Pj and I met junior year of college at WSU and discovered we lived in the same hometown! Even had some mutual friends and didn’t even know it. Love comes at you when you least expect it even though it was a 10 min drive away the whole time 💕 " Submitted by @marykathleenriat


"Jacob and I met online and 5 1/2 years ago had our first date and have been together ever since. Last year we went on a dream trip to Europe which landed us in Paris for four days at the end of the trip. I had always dreamed of going there and seeing the Eiffel Tower since I was a kid. We spent spent almost a full day there exploring the top and having lunch at the restaurant and then we went to hang out in the park to take more pictures. I was posing while he was taking "test shots" and when I went over to check the angle, he pulled the ring out of his camera bag and popped the question! He made all of my dreams come true that day ❤️"

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"We were on a trip to Japan and I had suspicions he wanted to propose but I wasn’t 100% sure. On the second to last day on the trip we visited the Shinkyo Bridge and we were looking out at the river. He had his arms around me and I thought to myself “Is he going to propose now? He should be reaching for a ring or something.. maybe he’s not going to propose!” Then I looked down at his hands and he already was holding the ring. I started crying immediately and I turned around to hug him and leaned my body on him crying and he sort of pushed me back on my feet and said “wait” so he could get down on one knee and finish the proposal and so I could answer him. And of course I said “yes”. Afterwards we realized everyone near the bridge had waited to cross until we were done and when we walked off the bridge a Japanese man said “love, love!” I think it was his way of congratulating us." Submitted by Annissa R.


"We had been together for almost 2 years, and he took me to montana to visit his mom and go on a camping trip in glacier national park. the first day we were in the park, we took one of his favorite hikes (several miles, i was so mad) up a few switchbacks to a waterfall view. he told me he had brought me there because it was one of his favorite places in the world and he wanted to ask me a question and i turned around and there he was, on one knee, in the middle of the trail. we had been engaged about 10 minutes when another hiker walked by and got this picture." Submitted by Adriana H.


We love your love! Thank you for sharing your own story and thank you so much for letting us be apart of it.

Love, all of us at I Do Bridal


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