Bridal Gown Terms Every Bride Should Know

March 8, 2019

It's really easy to get overwhelmed while shopping for a bridal gown. One of the most overwhelming parts is just learning all the terms for so many different things. So, here is a little glossary of terms you will help you through your gown appointments! 

Bustle - A series of invisible hooks, loops, or buttons that keeps the train of a gown off the floor for the reception. 
Train - The back of the dress that extends and trails behind the gown. 

Crinoline - Rough netting fabric under the skirt to make the skirt fuller and keep the shape. 

Applique - A piece of lace that stands alone. 

Horsehair - A trim that is stiff and keeps a soft wavy shape in the skirt, or on a veil. 

Petticoat - A skirt that you wear under your wedding dress to add extra shape or fullness. 

Raw edge - Fabric that has an unfinished edge, also known at 'cut edge.' 

Lead time - The time it takes to order a gown. 

Illusion - A feature of the gown that is sheer using lace or mesh. 

Plunge - A neckline that dips below the chest bone. 

Boning - The stiff part of a corset or bodice that gives the gown its frame and structure. 

Sheet lace - A fabric that consists of a continuous pattern made from yarn or thread usually made by hand. 




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