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Hannah and Zoie's Chic August Wedding!

Hannah and Zoie got married in a small intimate ceremony in August 2020 that was so gorgeous, we are still swooning over it! Just look at their wedding pictures!

Long sleeves and a bridal jump suit?! YES PLEASE! Our bride Hannah's sleek long sleeved Maggie Sottero gown is so sleek and classic and has just the right amount of lace touches to really compliment Zoie's bridal jump suit. The two outfits go together beatuifully!

I am absolutely in love with the simplicity of the gown and jump suit against all the greenery in the background! The natural elements of their venue perfectly match all of the colors and decorations that the couple chose. A splash of modern and mid-century chic touches.

Congratulations to Hannah and Zoie as their first anniversary comes up! Your wedding was magical! Thank you to Hannah and Zoie for sharing their wedding pictures with us.


Husband and wife duo @amandalloydphotog and @stevenlloydphotog



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