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Tell Your Guests to Take a Hike!

Outdoor weddings are taking the industry by storm! Designers are creating gowns that are perfect for your wilderness wedding: lightweight, easy to wear, simple and whimsical, and (most important) hike-able! Here at I Do Bridal, we get so many outdoorsy brides who want to incorporate their love for the wild into their big day. Why not bring the wedding to the wild?

We have brides from all over the region who are jumping at the chance to hike their way to breathtaking wedding pictures. Let me tell you.... it's not a good idea.... IT'S A GREAT IDEA! Check out any national parks or small hiking trails near you. I Do Bridal bride, Morgan and her fiancé went to Zion National Park in Utah to tie the knot!

Melissa Hill Photography

Comfort is key when you are planning a wilderness hiking wedding. Consider wearing comfortable, broken in hiking shoes for the trail up because the last thing you want is to hurt yourself on the way to your wedding. If you don't want pictures in your hiking shoes, then be sure to pack some comfortable, yet stylish, flats or sandals (heels tend to be extra dangerous on uneven terrain).

I've had multiple brides tell me that they want a gown that doesn't have a train because it wouldn't be convenient. Trust me when I tell you that keeping your train is worth any small inconvenience! Take a look at our bride Sara's wedding pictures:

Forthright Photography

Don't feel like you have to get a flowy aline for the great outdoors. You can totally wear a fitted gown, if you want! Most brides assume that a fitted gown will be really hard to move in, but let's be're going on a small easy hike, not rock climbing. A lot of fitted gowns have a stretch lining that allows for extra movement! Designers got really smart. Check out our bride Liisa in her fitted crepe gown:

April Yentas Photography

Before you go on your nuptial hike, be sure to keep in mind that it is still a hike. Before you call me Captain Obvious, here's what I mean: bring food and lots of water for you and all of your guests (if any); do research about the flora and fauna native to the area so you do not introduce invasive or nonnative plant species; do not go off trail (even your photographer) out of respect for the local wildlife; and schedule a time to hike the trail well ahead of time so you know what to expect. For more information on the do's and don't's for wedding hikes, check out this blog post by Washington Trails Association!



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