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The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Veils

You have your wedding gown, but now it's time to pick out the perfect veil! With so many different options, finding the right veil could seem tedious, but don't worry! We are here to help. We want you to make a confident and informed decision on what you want to look like on your big day, so here's a guide to finding the perfect veil!


Try on veils when you go dress shopping. It'll help you to get a sense for how different veils look and it will ultimately make the decision much easier! First, look at detail then look at length. Do you want a veil with lace, beading, or something more simple and classic? Try a few things with your gown and see what you think!

TIP: ask your stylist if there's a veil that is made for your gown. If not, ask them what they would recommend! Psst... that's what they're there for!

Maggie Sottero has a number of gowns with matching veils that come separately. Pictured below is the Harlem Lane and the matching Harlem veil. The cathedral length veil has the same lace trim as the gown to create the perfect pairing. If you prefer a more subtle look, you can opt for a simple veil to really let the gown's lace stand out.

Harlem Lane with Harlem Veil by Maggie Sottero

If lace isn't your thing, a beaded veil could be the perfect accent if you have a beaded or simple gown. There are plenty of variety when it comes to beaded veils.

Fingertip veil with delicate crystal edge


Once you have an idea of what detail you want, look at veil length. If you're worried about the practicality of a long veil, keep in mind that the veil is only for ceremony and pictures, then you go into your reception without it (of course this isn't a hard rule, so if you want to wear your veil all night, then rock it!)

Short veil lengths are birdcages, elbow, and fingertip. Medium veils are knee-length and walking length (to your ankle/calf). And long veils are floor-length, chapel, and cathedral. Try a few and see what you like best on you and with your gown.

Fingertip length fold over veil with thick horsehair trim

We get a lot of people who ask if brides still wear blushers over their faces. The answer is yes, some do choose to, but a majority choose not to. It's really your decision. You can add a separate blusher to any veil, but some veils are cut like a circle to create a fold-over blusher like the one pictured above.

One of this year's hottest veil trends are pearl and colorful elements, which is a great way to add drama and an original flare to your look! The Lavinia Veil by Maggie Sottero can add drama without competing with any other details. The Geddes Veil by Maggie Sottero has scattered pearls throughout to create an edgy and modern look!

Lavinia Veil by Maggie Sottero - also available in ivory

Geddes Veil by Maggie Sottero

Here's the thing...

You will see that more than one veil will look really great with your gown, but just trust your gut and feel it out. It's all about what completes the overall look and makes you feel the most you! And ask your stylist for help to find multiple different options. They know your vision and will help you narrow down the ones that work well for the overall vibe.



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