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Winter Wedding Tips

As Winter wedding brides prepare for their upcoming snowy nuptials, there are plenty of things to keep in mind that commonly get forgotten in the planning process. If you have a wedding planner, leave everything to them. However, if you are planning your wedding without a planner, here are some helpful tips from the pros.

  1. Keep people warm -- Hand warmers, coats, socks, gloves, and scarves will help you on your way to your dreamy wedding in the snow. And don't forget those who are with you! Incorporate little things like gloves or scarves as wedding favors for your guests and definitely make sure your bridal party stays nice and toasty.

  2. Plan your daylight -- Snow tends to make everything a little lighter and brighter, however during the snowy months the sun will set earlier than what you're probably expecting. Do some research so you're not caught out in the dark!

  3. Provide a warm signature cocktail -- Who doesn't love a hot toddy or Irish coffee when it's cold outside? It's a great way to keep guests warm and happy. For those who don't drink alcohol, you can also provide hot tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

  4. Have a coat check -- When your guests come inside from the snow, they will want to ditch the snowy boots, hats, and coats. You can keep your decor pristine while you keep your guests comfortable!

  5. Enjoy your day!

Photo by @Tamaracklookout



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