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Why You Should Wear a Veil

I can't tell you how often my brides come in completely adamant about not wearing a veil and as soon as they try one, cue the waterworks. Of course it's perfect and of course you want one now! The veil will tie the entire look together!

Many brides have an aversion to veils because when you say "veil" they think "snow beast." Let me be the first to tell you that's not the case. Large poofy veils were the style 40 years ago, but today there are so many different veil options! Your veil can truly enhance your look.

Think about it... when someone says "bride" what comes to mind? Dress, bouquet, and veil. Nine times out of ten, a bride will feel more "bridal" when they try on a veil. That's when it becomes real because that's the key element to your whole look! Now, not every bride wants a veil, but you can't make that decision before you even try one on. When you go dress shopping, let your stylist show you veil options. I guarantee that you will fall in love!

For more veil inspo, check out our blog on different ways to wear your veil!

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