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Kim and Peter’s Amazing Virtual Wedding!

Our bride, Kim, and her fiance, Peter, were supposed to be in Cabo getting married, but the beautiful destination wedding they had been planning was cancelled due to Coronavirus, as is the case with many couples around the world. Fortunately, the Coronavirus didn't stop Kim and Peter from enjoying their wedding day! On April 20th, as planned, the couple exchanged vows in the bright sunshine right in the comfort of their gorgeous home. "My fiance re-proposed to me this last Christmas after being engaged for 5 years and surprised me with a whole trip and wedding planned in Cabo along with some family and friends to join us. We had to cancel Cabo last minute and threw together a backyard weddin

10 Questions to Ask Your Venue!

What date is available? | Is my wedding date available? These may look like identical questions, but they are totally different. The venue typically is the deciding factor when it comes to your wedding date. Some couples choose their wedding date before they book anything because that date is sentimental to them. Either way, venues tend to book out pretty far in advance, so your first question should be about availability. What are your wedding packages and what is included? This one is important because most venues and vendors have different packages and one package might work best for you. Asking this question keeps you informed about what you are getting for what you're paying. Do

Eloping Might Be Right For You! It Certainly Was For Jordan and Jamie!

You've probably had moments in your wedding planning where you look your partner in the eye and semi-jokingly say, "Let's just elope." It's more or less just a way to express how over wedding planning you are, but in the recent weeks....eloping has been an increasingly more realistic option. Take our bride Jordan and her fiance Jamie, for example. They have been planning a gorgeous April wedding for over a year now and all of their plans have been put to a halt because it's just not safe right now. Upset and discouraged, they have decided to postpone their wedding with all their friends and family (most of which are many miles away) until August. The extra time has admittedly helped in the p

Find Us on Pinterest!

You're newly engaged and everyone is telling you to start looking for bridal gowns, but you're not sure which shop is right for you because you don't know what kind of dresses they have. Does this sound familiar? Guess what! We have uploaded every single one of our gowns to Pinterest for you to browse through before your appointment! All of them! You can even create your own I Do Bridal board and pin all of our gowns that you're interested in trying on! How easy is that?

Hottest Trends of 2019!

As of right now, we are anticipating opening up our shop in just a few weeks and I know you’re just as excited as we are for your upcoming appointment! All of our gowns are on Pinterest for you to browse through, but I wanted to show you some real bride pictures of some of the hottest trends of 2019! We have more than 900 unique gowns here at I Do Bridal for you to choose from with various trends and designers to match your personal style. I want to take this time to highlight some hidden gems from our collection that will take your breath away! Lace and Crepe Gown: Enzo by Stella York Photographer: Rebecca Jane Photography Simple and Etheral Gown: Camilla by L'Amour Photographer: Shelby Pay

How to Postpone Your Wedding!

We are dedicated to helping you navigate this. The hardest part for most couples is just not knowing where to start, so we have created a step by step list for you to help you postpone your wedding with ease. At the bottom of this post is a vendor checklist that you can print out and use! So, grab a drink and let's get started! STEP 1: Contact Your Wedding Planner If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, reach out to them! They have the connections to all of your vendors and will be able to do a lot of the leg work. If you do NOT have a wedding planner, that's okay! Start by making a list of your wedding vendors including each company name along with any phone numbers or email addresses

Ways to Wear Your Veil!

We asked what you wanted to see on the blog and a few of you asked about veils! Girl, there are so many ways you can wear your veil. Placement of the veil is everything and it all comes down to preference. Veils can be incorporated into any hair style, whether you want your hair in a high bun, a loose side braid, or down and wavy. You can totally keep your personal style...just add a veil! The placement of the veil in your hair changes the overall look. There’s no wrong way to wear the veil, but you have to choose the right placement for the look you want. Here are a couple examples of different ways to wear your veil from our past brides! Now, the next step is finding the perfect veil (if y


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