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Join Our Book Club!

Do you like reading a little? Do you like reading a lot? Are you looking for a quick and easy escape from the stresses of wedding planning, but your schedule doesn't have room for a book club? Good news! The I Do Bridal Book Club will work with any schedule! The I Do Bridal Book Club is an open book club that you can participate in at your leisure and read at your own pace! It's so easy to join and participate as much or as little as you would like! Just find and follow us on Instagram @idb.reads or on Facebook! Choose and read any of our current or past book selections, post a picture of the book you chose and anything you want to say about the book with the hashtag #idobridalbookclub. That

Heather and Nate's Gorgeous Wedding at Fremont Foundry!

When Heather emailed us some of her wedding photos, I just HAD to hear her story and see more pictures and let me tell you...their story is so cute and their wedding was absolutely gorgeous and full of love and laughter! "Our love story is quite unconventional, and it could probably be a happily-ever-after romantic movie. Nate and I met at a pizza place in college and there was no inclination that we would even become friends. However, over the years, we became closer, living together at Delta Chi, working together at Pottery Barn and Rock Bottom, and having friend days once a week. There were several (dozen) bumps along the way, and there was the constant, "Will we or won't we?" In the end,

How to Describe Your Vision!

Shopping for a wedding gown is daunting whether you've been dreaming of your wedding for years, or haven't been thinking about it at all. When someone asks what you're looking for gown-wise, it's normal to come up blank. Sound familiar? So many brides get nervous that they won't be able to get their ideas across, but don't worry at all. Our stylists are professionals and they will work with you to make your vision a reality. It can be difficult to find the words to best describe the image in your head, but don't worry, we have a couple tips to help ease the process! Photographer: Erin Perkins Big Picture Telling your stylist the overall vibe of your wedding is the best place to start. Give t

10 Questions to Ask Your Florist!

Photographer: Breanna Marie Photography | Florist: Jessica Van Campbell Flowers Knowing what to ask is critical in choosing the right vendor for you. I personally have a black thumb and knew NOTHING about flowers, so thinking of questions to ask a florist was very difficult because all I knew to ask was, "Can you do the flowers for my wedding?" Fortunately, I have learned a lot! This list will help prepare you to talk to different florists and choose the right one for your wedding. You could print out this post and put it in your wedding binder so you can bring it with you and write down the answers and compare! What flowers are in season during my wedding? I was hoping for a specific flow

Libby and Nick's Fairy Tale Wedding!

Get your tissues ready before you read this beautiful real life love story about our bride, Libby, and her husband, Nick. She wore an ivory Rebecca Ingram gown with a blush underlay and vintage rose accents that perfectly match her dreamy wedding. She looks absolutely stunning and her wedding was just breathtaking. Libby sent us her pictures along with the following story: "I think my favorite part of our story (aside from our perfect wedding that we managed to pull off in the last seconds before COVID shut everything down). My husband, Nick, and I really enjoy the outdoors and going on various adventures. Before we met, Nick had gone camping a couple times whereas I went every summer with m


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